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Skirt Alert App – Now available in the United States and Canada

We are so excited, today we launched our iPhone App Skirt Alert in two new territories the United States and Canada. We are curious what you think 🙂

Skirt Alert

Skirt Alert for iPhone is the only app that sends you a Push Notification when the weather is right for Skirts!

Girls, get a heads up on when to wear your prettiest summer outfit! Guys, hit the terrace whenever Skirt Alert says Yes

But Skirt Alert has its name to live up to: the most exciting feature is support for Push Notifications. Tell the app what’s a convenient time to receive a notification and you’ll find out if it’s time to get those Skirts ready. Set an alert for the evening to get a heads up on tomorrow’s Skirt likelihood or set it for the morning so you can see what to wear that day.

Skirt Alert is available today Grab your chance now!

For more information on Skirt Alert, please visit its website, which includes screenshots:

Or get Skirt Alert for iPhone directly from the App Store:

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